Core Purpose

To create innovative and enriching hospitality experiences in a sustainable environment. Our desire is to operate hotels and resorts that are profitable and unique in lifestyle design features or locations most importantly we set ourselves apart by offering authentic and intuitive customer service.

What we Believe

Our greatest asset and strength is the people who work within Sequel Hotels. Guest and customer satisfaction depends on the united seamless efforts of many. We are most successful when we work together co-operatively and respect the contribution of our fellow associates.

Core Values and Culture

• We display fairness, integrity, foster mutual trust and care in our dealings with our local communities, our team members, our business partners and our clients.

• We try to deal with others as we would want them to deal with us.

• We foster the development of all our team members we respect each other's contribution and importance.

• We are continuously evolving and striving to better ourselves through a passion for self-improvement and learning.

• We create a sense of pride and a feeling of "ownership" amongst our team members.

• We are in harmony with the environment and our cultural surroundings.

• We contribute Sequel's resources, both financial and human, to help better the environment and the community which we live in, as well as selected charities.

• We are each accountable for personal actions and organization success.

• We are creative, innovative and constantly evolving the way we do business to be leaders in our industry and competitive in the Global Marketplace.

• We appeal to all the senses: sight, sound, smell, taste, touch - and beyond.

• We believe in "Intelligent Pleasures", "Redefining Experiences", "Innovative Style" and "Balancing Life."

• We really enjoy ourselves.

Our Vision

To be trendsetting, innovative and continue to redefine lifestyle hotels and resorts to consistently deliver long term financial benefits to property owners while eliminating the concerns of day to day management.

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