It is more than just connecting or networking, it's building healthy relationships, strengthening individual focus on personal or professional goals and dreams, and it's about feeling good. Ever wonder why the Dali Lama or the Oneness Monks smile and laugh? They feel good and that energy is radiated out to everyone surrounding them. The Sequel Lifestyle page is about being the best you can be, radiating positive energy, about lifestyle balance ideas, and just "being jiggy with life."

Anne Larcade, President and COO

Sequel Hotels and Resorts is proud to take this journey with Rose Reisman, Canada's leading expert on the art of eating and living well.

She has published several cookbooks and is a well respected TV and Radio personality, public speaker, teacher, corporate health and wellness consultant and entrepreneur. Learn more about Rose's philosophy of balanced and healthy living at

In today's world many of us need the reinforcement that "me" is not a bad word. After all taking care of yourself is where feeling good begins; allowing you to pursue your passions of family, friends, career and giving with a renewed and enduring energy.

Sequel Hotels and Resort's Lifestyle website is here to share tips and information on living a balanced life. We will connect you with cool people and businesses to keep you abreast of the latest trends; offering you life tips and mental cues to keep you fresh and bliss-like in your pursuit of a balanced lifestyle.

Anne Larcade and the Sequel team are developing partnerships with individuals, companies and philanthropic organizations that will contribute to your success of living well. "Sequel Hotels and Resorts is dedicated to the well being of our guests. We've developed this website to share our core values beyond the time our guests are with us, building memories at our hotels; extending our commitment to their well being and to their daily lives." - Anne Larcade

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